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I woudln't say we've graduated to the teams with deep prospect pools just yet, but these next few teams at least have more than 1-2 prospects to choose from. 

#25 - Dallas Stars

Dallas has a couple intriging forwards to put them on the board at 25.  At the top of the list is the hillbilly out of Alberta, Matthew Savoie.  He was the 9th overall in the 2022 draft.  He's only 5'9 but can score in bunches.  His size puts me off a bit but I think he's going to be a top 6 in the NHL.  Chaz Lucius was the 18th pick in the 2021 draft.  He can shoot the puck and score goals.  Also projects as a top 6 forward in the NHL.  A couple other prospectts worth noting on the Stars roster include Ozzy Wiesblatt and Tristan Luneau.  Personally I like Wiesblatt more than Luneau.  Luneau has a much more interesting family though.  Check it out!   Back to Wiesblatt - he's on the small side and didn't have a particularly great year for Prince Albert last  year.    

25 DAL


#24 - Colorado Avalanche 

Probably the leaf fan in me but I can't stay Cole Caufield.  I was so happy when he started off the year like a bag of shit.   Unfortunatley that didn't last - once Martin St.Louis took over, Caufield exploded.  He doesn't have the greatest speed but he's deceptive and he'll be a scorer at the NHL level.   Admittedly I didn't know much about Jonatan Berggren before this excercise.  But I do now.  He had a great year for Detroits Farm team last year scoring at nearly a point per game. He probably tops at as a middle 6'er.  He's 22 and might challenge for a spot in the NHL next year.  That said, he's most likley 2 years away from playing any signifigant minutes. 

Colorado also has young goalie Dylan Garand.  He's only 20 but has alot of promise.   Is Owen Beck worth mentioning?  Maybe. He's a bit undersized but has a great motor but projects more as a 2 way center (read 3rd liner).  Time will tell. 

24 COL

#23 - Edmonton Oilers 

Edmonton coming in heavy!  Not exactly deep - at all but I really like all 3 of these prospects.  Sillinger put up 16 goals in 79GP in the NHL as a 19 year old.  He's big, he can shoot and play both sides of the puck and plays C.   A stud.  A first line C?  Maybe.  Likely a good #2 for sure.  Boqvist is another guy with NHL experience.  In fact as a 22 year old he already has 3 seasons under his belt.   A great skater. The least known of the 3 is Ohgren, but he's a guy I really like.   Taken 19th in the NHL draft by the Wild, the kid can play.  against his peers in the J20 he scored at nearly a 2ppg pace.  He did get 25 games in at teh SHL level as well but he didn't see the ice much and his 2 points show as much.  At 18 he needs a couple more years to develop. 

23 Edm

#22 - Seatle Kraken 

Good on the Kraken for coming so high on this list.   What's the most impressive is that the Kraken have only had 1 season and managed to draft 3 guys on the top 170.   Lets start with the gem, Cutter Gauthier.  He was the best of the rest after the top 4 in this years draft.  A big guy at 6'2 201 pounds, he's a big C who can play both ends of the ice.  Probably projects as a 2C when it's all said and done.  The next guy on this list is Reid Schaefer. He managed to be the last pick in the NHL draft.  He popped 32 goals for the Thunderbirds of the WHL. I think he was a stretch pick at 32 in the NHL but the Kracken got him at 46.  Much better value.  Lastly on the list is the Kraken's number 32 pick Ryan Chesley.   I don't know alot about Chesley but Will Scouch was never a big fan and for that reason I didn't look at him much.  

Anyone else worth mentioning?  Not really but the Kraken are only 1 year into this game.  Considering they got 3 on the list with just 1 draft. 

22 Seatle