Lars Eller - $1,450,000 - 4 years

-Eller has nice ratings and has been consistent through career; $1.45 for 4 years is a good price and low risk even at 33 years of age.


Tampa Bay

Arvid Holm - $500,000 - 2 years

-Never heard of him before this signing, but he's 23, 6'5, did well in Sweden before doing rookie season in AHL and didn't do too bad. Goalies are lotto tickets and this guy seems worth the roster spot to try.



Chris Wideman - $800,000 - 3 years

-Wideman has some solid ratings and $800k is a good deal. Helps their blueline - smart signing.



Jani Hakanpaa - $1,000,000 - 2 years

-Now that the SMASH era of the NEFHL has officially began, Vegas brings back their big bad bruiser. I know I couldn't sign him for less, so million seems pretty reasonable who can help make Vegas one of toughest Western teams to play.



Austin Watson - $1,600,00 - 2 years

-Watson was a hot item in free agency with his high IT, ST, and DF - he is rated great for that specific role. On the high end dollars wise, but what was needed for a coveted free agent. 




Pheonix Copley - $700,000 - 4 years

-Flyers lack of dynamic ratings understanding saw Pheonix with a 69OV and only 11 career GP so could be 3rd string farm call up, but now is 53OV. Huge mistake by Flyers GM and shows their ineptness of running a franchise.



Wayne Simmonds - $944,444 - 1 year

-Jets are  trying to toughen up and Simmonds brings some intensity, speed, and leadership. This awkward dollar amount is probably few more bucks than the guy deserves.


Tyler Toffoli

-Toffoli was one of the top forwards heading into UFA and still remains available is pretty surprising. He's got top end scoring to go with top notch PC/DF. A true top liner that has been too picky with his multitude of offers, but teams are strapped to what can offer and can't go up, so he sits patiently. Will he be able to sign before the season starts?


Shea Weber

-This will be his last season in the NEFHL, but thanks to dynamic ratings and/or no way for GMs to currently break 'too much demand', he has not inked a deal. My guess is he wants paid on what he is rated now, where GMs aren't wanting to pay 5+ later in the season when he's mid 70's.


Jeff Petry

-I assume Petry is stuck in a world of 'too much demand'. He's still a solid player and won't see a sharp drop in ratings like Weber, but he's unlikely to retain or improve.


Dustin Brown

-Retired from the NHL, Brown is looking for one last kick at the cup in NEFHL. He is the all time hit leader, by nearly 600 hits. 860 career points. He would bring a lot to a contender's lineup, but who has the space to add the gritty veteran.