Well how annoying is this?  I woke up early here today in the Sunny DRC (google it!) specifically to write this article.  It took me about 40 minutes or so.   The full article was done, I was only typing in the title and for some unknown reason my Government of Canada issued laptop decided to blue screen.   So, this is actually the 2nd version and 2nd time I’ve written this article today.  Lets see if I can knock it off in 20 minutes instead of 40 this time.

Today we’ll look at teams 21 and 20.  It’s weird, in my final version of the original rankings I had the team who’s currently 21 sitting in 20.  However after a review sometime last week, I moved the team in 21st up three spots and dropped #20 down 1.  It probably reflects how I feel about team 21’s top 2 prospects.

#21 – The Calgary Flames.

Rank/Tier        Player
63/5      Logan Stankoven - C
137/6    Lane Hutson - D  
143/6    Luca Del Bel Belluz - C  
154/6    Joshua Roy - LW  



The reason I originally had the Flames in 20th over MTL was that their top prospect was a forward whom I tend to value more than defencemen.  It is the NEFHL after all.  However, it’s hard for me to get behind the top 2 prospects on the Flames list.  Maybe that’s because I can’t see them behind towering 6’4 defenceman Noah Dobson.   There is no denying the talent of Stankoven and as a forward he has a decent chance of making the show eventually.  His shot mechanics are impeccable and he can score and create.  He also has a great motor but at 5’8 and only 170 pounds can he get to the area’s he needs to get to at the NHL level?  A definite maybe.    The next player on the list is Lane Hutson.  Another 5’8 giant.  The difference between Stankoven and Hutson is around 20 pounds according to Eliteprospects.  I shit bigger than that and I’m a small guy.  I could tolerate this small size in a forward, but I have less patience for it in a defencemen.    The physical demand on a defenceman is much higher than a forward plain and simple.   If I were Lane Hutson I’d be pulling a Wendel Clark and moving from D to FWD as quickly as possible.  He has no future in the NHL – Unless he grows. Which according to him, he will.  Lol.    My son think’s he’s going to be 6’ as well.   Personally I can’t say I’m enthralled with the other prospects on the Flames list either although Josh Roy just put up some monster numbers.  I’d be more comfortable if it wasn’t in the Q but even in the Q, those numbers are gawdy.    One guy not on the list but who I really like is Tyson Foerster.  The guy has a bullet, has good size and has produced at the AHL level.  All that said, the Flames are year in and year out one of the best run clubs in the NEFHL.  They have a constant supply of young talent and manage to compete for the cup.   They always end up with those NCAA late bloomers that they got in the later rounds of the draft… so who am I to question them.

#20 – The Montreal Canadians

Rank/Tier        Player
31/4    Noah Dobson - D
36/4    Martin Fehérváry - D
45/5    Philip Tomasino - RW
89/6    Jiri Kulich - C/LW


A list full of players with NHL experience.  Not bad for 20th overall.  The list starts with a 6’4 dman that just put up 51 points in 80 GP.  Is it fair to even consider Dobson a prospect?  Not really. He’s clearly excelled beyond that point but he is under 23 so that makes him fair game.   Next on the list is another D Man with lots of experience although not quite the point totals that Dobson put up.  In fact not even close.  Fehervary projects as a top 4 Defensive defenceman which isn’t particularly valuable in the NEFHL.   If this was a pure NEFHL list, he probably wouldn’t have made it.  That said, he’s a legit NHL dman which is more than some of the players on this list will ever become.  Those are the facts.  Tomasino is another guy with a full season of NHL experience under his belt. How high is his ceiling?  His numbers from last year don’t exactly jump off the score sheet but I expect he does become at a minimum a 3C if not a 2C.  Rounding out Montreal’s list is one of my favorites from this years draft Jiri Kulich.  He’s a Czech which is awesome and he has a bullet of a shot and a great motor.   I’m cheering for him.  Perhaps at some point Montreal will trade him to me.   Speaking of Czech’s how about that Dostal.  He would have been on any list of mine for sure.  He put up some stellar numbers last year in the A – a .916 SV% over 40GP. He owns good NHL size at 6’2 and only 175 pounds.  He’s a projected NHL starter in my books.  Finally lets not forget about Stuart Skinner.  He’s already 23 and will turn 24 in November but he put up some good numbers over limited games in the NHL last season and projects as the backup this year and starter of the future in Edmonton.  Looks like goaltending is set for the Habs future.

That’s all for now folks.  I do hope to pound out another article tonight at my hotel if my piece of shit laptop doesn’t blue screen again.