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Post Deadline: State of Sabres

Well the season has not gone the way we would have liked, would like to be 10-15 points higher but what can you do? We are where we are and a strong finish will get us into the dance... we control our fate and that’s a position we worked hard to get back into. 


With the eye on making the playoffs for a third straight year since beginning the rebuild... we have a very strong future in the making 


What we are working towards up front 

(29) Pacioretty - (25) Hayes - (28) Smith 

(26) Kreider - (27) Stepan - (23) Hinostroza 

(29) Perreault - (22) Sikura - (22) Olofsson 

(24) Jaskin - (21) Appleton - (24) Ritche


(24) Shalunov, (23) Grigorenko, (22) Mamin, (21) Eyessimont, (20) Balcers 


  • Everyone but Sikura, Appleton and Olofsson are already in the NHL... we expect all three to be in the nhl next season with ratings here beginning 2019 season. 
  • Sikura and Appleton are currently listed as centers though both have moved to wing since signing them... that’s a break to our advantage... When Sikura is ready we move Perreault over to LW. 
  • I think the forward group is at very good ages for stability while we begin to add more depth... about to begin another collection of young talent with roster spots opening up this summer
  • I think everyone in that top nine has at least 20G or 50+point potential... I’m absolutely sold on Sikura and Olofsson being good offensive contributors when they arrive a year from now... Sikura NCAA 32-19-31-50 and Olofsson led the SHL in goals... both also possess game breaking speed. 
  • Hinostroza is looking like a pre injury Kris Versteeg and has game breaking speed.
  • Kreider has been an absolute monster here... Franchise Player 
  • Pacioretty can be counted on for 30+ a season while providing elite defense 
  • Hayes is becoming a matchup center... big, becoming great defensively and I think has 60 point upside. See him becoming a high end two-way C 
  • Everything I think Hayes can be, Stepan already is minus the size... more of a playmaker though. 
  • Smith is a good two-way winger... his ratings will be sick next season, if he maintains that, legit top line two-way talent
  • A lot of talent to build around... bring in another 5-7 forward prospects within the next year and continue to stockpile quality depth. 



(25) Miller - (27) Scandella 

(24) Edmundson - (21) Davies

(24) McCabe - (26) Dumoulin 


(24) Gilmour, (24) Megna, (23) Reinhart, (21) Mikkola 


  • Everyone but Davies is already on the roster 
  • I think Miller-Scandella can be a legitimate top pair for the next 6-8 years, I like that stability
  • Edmundson is beginning to blossom into a rock solid #3 two-way D... the perfect partner for a run and gun defenseman... say Davies 
  • We will probably lose one of McCabe or Dumoulin in expansion 
  • We need to bring in more offensive defensemen... 



(30) Price 


  • I’d like to think Price will be effective till 38-40 years old
  • We have Smith who will be traded for picks at seasons end prior to expansion 
  • Need to begin adding young goaltenders to the system. 

I think the organization is in very healthy shape... Trying to make the playoffs for a third straight season since the rebuild began... competitive while restructuring the organization... Future is promising