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Fuhrs rebuild ramblings


As we enter year four we begin to transition to contenders

we could have seven 2-3D by seasons snd... All just beginning to enter there prime...



Murray: 23:25 (25) 0.95x3

Stralman: 21:57 (32) 2.3x3

Dumoulin: 21:54 (27) 0.7x1

Miller: 21:25 (26) 3.2x4 (nov 15th he’ll sign) 

Scandella: 20:21 (28) 1.4x2

Edmundson: 19:40 (24) 0.75x2

DeAngelo: 19:03 (23) 0.9x1

Oesterle: 16:47 (26) 0.7x3


Santini (23) on Devils but has not played yet. 

(25) Gilmour: 6-2-2-4 (AHL) 

(22) Middleton: 5-1-1-2 (AHL) 

(26) Cajkovsky: 3-0-1-1 (AHL) 

(22) Mikkola: 4-0-0-0 (AHL)

(20) Almari: 5-0-1-1 (SM-liiga) 

(21) Davies: 2-1-1-2 (NCAA) 

(20) Hellickson: 2-0-1-1 (NCAA) 


I think it’s an under appreciated aspect of my rebuild the quality of blueline we have built.

The Defense was the backbone of a team that took the cup champs to 1G in game 7.

To start this season 2nd SA/G  without the clubs best rated defenseman. 

See what they have done and what they are doing... the entire blueline projects upwards still. 

And then you begin looking at the prospects... any of them pan out and it’s gravy.... multiple guys and it’s a factory


The foundation for one of the best bluelines in the league is in place... ideally we have 7 3s in the 11-7 system we run.... that’s the ultimate goal for the blueline. 

With the blueline in place and you begin looking at goaltending... I feel as if the UFA goalie market is good enough every year to always have a steady high end goalie. 



So the Defense and goaltending is set for the next decade


Forwards is the only focus

Vet Core  (can give 4+ years) 

Pacioretty Hayes, Stepan, Kreider, Carter, Jaskin 


Complementary Stopgaps 

Perreault, Williams, Vrbata, Spezza, Wagner 


I would like to find two players from within that could provide 40-50Pts 

What’s in the system 

Dickinson: 4-0-0-0 (NHL) 

Olofsson: 6-7-5-12 (AHL) 

Balcers: 4-4-2-6 (AHL) 

Sikura: 4-1-3-4 (AHL) 

Eyessimont: 5-3-2-5 (AHL) 

Shumakov: 5-2-0-2 (AHL) 

Praplan: 5-0-2-2 (AHL) 

Grigorenko: 18-7-13-20 (KHL) 

Shalunov: 17-6-2-8 (KHL) 

Virta: 18-2-6-8 (KHL) 

Swaney: 4-0-3-3 (NCAA) 

Lohin: 2-0-1-1 (NCAA) 


The other three players vets like Williams and Vrbata.

The forwards won’t age to much by the time we get to that 2021 1st... and then all those picks beginning 2022


We have a 2021-22  loyalty spot open for another veteran forward, when Williams deal expires 


When my Defense begins peaking in 2-3 seasons 

I’ll have a solid veteran core with a couple young players with offensive skill 

And all my picks... with that success the infrastructure of becoming a monster financial club in place... this year we could turn a 30 million dollar profit should we hit endorsements and some playoff success... A 15 million regular season 


Ideal Forward Group offensively looks something like this Per 82

30G 60Pts - 20G 60Pts - 30G 60Pts

30G 60Pts - 20G 60Pts - 30G 60Pts 

20G 45Pts - 20G 45Pts - 20G 45Pts 

15 30Pts - Elite PK Specialist


July 2020 (Around 35 on the cap)  

Kreider (29) - Hayes (28) - Carter (34) 

Pacioretty (32) - Stepan (30) - Olofsson (25) 

Balcers (23) - Sikura (25) - Williams (39) 


Shumakov (28) - Jaskin (27) 

Murray (27) - Stralman (34)

Dumoulin (29) - Miller (28) 

Edmundson (26) - DeAngelo (25) 

Oesterle (28) 


BUF 1, BUF 4, BUF 5, BUF 6, BUF 7


BUF 1, BUF 2, BUF 3, BUF 4, BUF 5, BUF 6, BUF 7


BUF 1, BUF 2, BUF 3, BUF 4, BUF 5, BUF 6, BUF 7


BUF 1, BUF 2, BUF 3, BUF 4, BUF 5, BUF 6, BUF 7