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2019 NEFHL Organizational Prospect Rankings (11-20)

20. Detroit Red Wings (30) A big jump for the team that finished second last in the 2018 rankings.  The Red Wings have continued their commitment to rebuilding and moving up a third of the way up in the rankings proves that they're on the right track.  It may take some time until most of these assets are playing in the NEFHL but if the GM keeps at it, we should see a top contender within 3-4 years.
Overall Prospect Score: 19th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 27th

19. Toronto Maple Leafs (10) - Opposite of the Wings, the Leafs took a big hit to their prospect.  But they have a Cup to show for it in return.  The Leafs made some big trades at the deadline that earned them their first Championship and have continued making moves in the summer to hopefully get another crack at it.  This team still has its first round picks and if they don't move to many others they could remain the mix for a long time.
Overall Prospect Score: 20th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 5th

18. Vegas Golden Knights (25) - The Golden Knights make a solid jump in their second year of competition and now are the owners of one of the league's top prospects with Jack Hughes.  As we mentioned last year, this is going to be a bit of a long road for the GM Derek but he is committed to the process and this ranking will continue improving as a result until such a time when Vegas is a force to reckon with.
Overall Prospect Score: 18th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 12th

17. St-Louis Blues (20) - The Blues haven't done much extra to focus on prospects but there has been a few moves here and there and that ensured this team didn't drop in the rankings but actually moved up a few positions.  There's definitely some interesting prospects in the Blues prospect pool and there's quite a good number of them.  A lack of top quality prospects is why this team isn't higher ranked.
Overall Prospect Score: 17th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 26th

16. Philadelphia Flyers (9) - The Flyers were a top 10 team last year but now are a mid pack team.  This team has lots of prospects but similar to the Blues, the quality is not high end and that drops them down a few spots.  The Flyers do look like a competitive team though so after missing the playoffs ever so slightly last year, I don't think GM Jamie really cares too much where he lands in these rankings.
Overall Prospect Score: 12th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 28th

15. Ottawa Senators (21) - The Senators are now in full rebuild mode.  They managed to move up a few spots by trading players but it will take a few years until this team is competitive again.  Mike has shown he can deliver with two Stanley Cups.  He took over a rebuilding team and converted it to a big time winner.  Now will he be able to rebuild his own team in a similar success?
Overall Prospect Score: 13th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 20th

14. New Jersey Devils (11) - The Devils have been doing a pretty good job and drafting and retooling into a team that's improving yearly.  There's been some important graduations from the prospect pool and I'd think that's the main reason for their three point drop in the rankings.  That high end talent hasn't been replaced but the Devils are also not moving futures to compete now so they should be able to stick around the top 15.
Overall Prospect Score: 15th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 15th

13. Boston Bruins (14) - The Bruins have made a few trades to try and ice a more competitve roster but have also had a solid draft that has allowed them to offset these additions.  There's also been some picks moved in those trades so that could result in a drop in rankings in the coming years.
Overall Prospect Score: 16th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 10th

12. Los Angeles Kings (12) - The Kings managed to stay in the 12th spot.  This is another team who's staying the course and trying to compete while not moving almost none of its future talent to try and improve their position.  The fact that they've been able to make the playoffs and rebuild at the same time is something that money GMs have been able to accomplish. The Kings make it up the rankings mainly on sheer total of prospects but the quality has diminished over the past few seasons where they were drafting earlier.
Overall Prospect Score: 7th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 25th

11. Winnipeg Jets (8) - The Jets could have opted to continue on a path that seemed to lead them towards one of the best prospect pools in the league. However the GM recognized that it was more of a buyer's market for compete-now type players and opted to accelarate the rebuild.  This came at some cost since most of the top prospects were moved but Chris still has lots of assets to play with and it would be smart to use this incoming talent on entry level deals to try and get the most out of this team in the coming years.  There is no doubt, however, that the quality of their futures has diminished and therefore so has their ranking.
Overall Prospect Score: 9th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 16th