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2019 NEFHL Organizational Prospect Rankings (1-10)

10. Carolina Hurricanes (13) The Hurricanes are one of those teams that have always done above average when it comes to drafting and having a good chunk of solid prospects.  They had a slight decrease over the years from when they rebuilt but now seem to be turning the ship around and are improving their status.  They did however move quite a few 2020 draft picks so they could revert back to that 13th overall ranking instead of continuing on the trend reversal.
Overall Prospect Score: 8th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 11th

9. San Jose Sharks (19) - A massive jumper in the rankings.  The Sharks have done a year ago what the Capitals seem to be doing now after being a top contender one year and tanking the next so if Mike follows in Curtis' path, he could find himself in the top 10 next year.  Lots of draft picks in the past draft and trades for futures brought in a load of new talent to a team that has seen its share of retools and fully contending.  That talent is top notch as well with the Sharks getting the second highest prospect quality coefficient.  The key will be to see if Curtis can build a team that can contend annually without retools every 5-6 years.
Overall Prospect Score: 14th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 2nd

8. Pittsburgh Penguins (16) - The Penguins and Sharks have followed the same path except the Pens won the Cup and started the retool 6 months after the Sharks did.  They started with a better prospect base but have been fairly even in their rebuild efforts.  Brent has shown he knows what kind of moves it takes to get to the promised land and likely hopes to follow in the same steps he took a few years ago.
Overall Prospect Score: 10th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 7th

7. Calgary Flames (6) - The Flames prospect quality has taken a massive hit this past year with graduations and trades.  Despite that the Flames find themselves 7th overall due to a high number of prospects with a high risk/reward factor.  The Flames might have to hit on prospect signings if they plan on drafting in the late first every year.  Spending millions of dollars on high profile UFA prospects might be one way to stay in the game but without having rebuilt in over a decade, it's sometimes hard to see if the Flames will be able to contend at the highest level forever.
Overall Prospect Score: 6th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 22nd

6. Chicago Blackhawks (5) - Like the Flames, the Blackhawks also drop a spot.  But what's huge for the Blackhawks is they remain number one overall in prospect quality and it's actually by quite a margin.  The Hawks spent a long time rebuilding but are about to become a powerhouse in the West.  They also still have tons of early picks in the next few years and seem committed to building a team that won't have to undertaking this process for a very long time.
Overall Prospect Score: 11th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 1st

5. Montreal Canadiens (7) - The cause for seeing Calgary and Chicago drop a spot is the Canadiens who slowly but surely accumulated picks and prospects without ever really getting a top draft pick.  They seem ready to shift towards a more competitive team this year, making some acquisitions that should help them out in that regard.  They've moved their 2021 1st rounder as oppose to the 2020, perhaps an indication that they see themselves competing more next year and perhaps this season will be a transition season.
Overall Prospect Score: 5th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 13th

4. Vancouver Canucks (4) - It's hard to think the Canucks would only have the 18th best prospect quality in the league.  But that's due the sheer number of prospects they have.  Many of which are undrafted in the NHL or long shots.  That really weighs down their ranking in that regard but their overall score is among the league's best and I think their general position in the rankings reflects that.  There is no movement in position for the Canucks.  They've made a bunch of trades but their overall position here remains unchanged and with a President's trophy in their pocket last year, being in the top 5 here is a really good sign for the future of the franchise.
Overall Prospect Score: 3rd
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 18th

3. Florida Panthers (3) - The Panthers and Canucks are very similar.  While the Canucks got the edge during the regular season last year, the Panthers get the edge in the rankings for the second year in a row.  Like the Canucks, we should expect the Panthers to stay competitive for a long time as both teams are still committed to acquiring picks, developing prospects while they gun to be the league's best team.  Definitely a measuring stick across the league.
Overall Prospect Score: 4th
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 4th

2. Minnesota Wild (2) - As you can tell by now, the top 4 teams in the rankings haven't changed.  The Wild have continued to add a wealth of prospects this past year and maintained a decent gap to the 3rd ranked team.  Minnesota looks like a team that will use its internally developed talent in a slow and methodical way, supplementing it with free agents and key trades here and there.
Overall Prospect Score: 2nd
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 8th

1. Nashville Predators (1) - The number one team again by quite a margin.  The total number of prospects is outstanding and most of them are of good quality which means the Predators are blowing away the competition in this regard.  We'll likely see the Predators fighting for the President's trophy within a few years.
Overall Prospect Score: 1st
Prospect Quality Coefficient: 6th