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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Like Donald Trump, Buffalo General Manager Kevin Fuhr frequently takes a beating from his detractors. From McDavid to their/there/they're to SMASH!™, Mr. Fuhr has been the target of more than his fair share of abuse. Also like Mr. Trump, Mr. Fuhr has long relied on the written word to punch back at opponents a thousandfold. So it is with great fanfare that we feel obligated to draw attention to the fact that Mr. Fuhr sits just days (hours? minutes? seconds?) from eclipsing the 30,000 post mark on the NEFHL forums.

This milestone puts him so far ahead of others in the league that it would likely take any other general manager years to catch him, even if he were to stop posting all together as of this very day. The next closest in terms of posts is Commissioner Barry, sitting nearly 4,000 posts behind Mr. Fuhr. The drop is steep from there, down to Coyotes General Manager Mark Zabludovsky more than 11,000 posts behind the Buffalo GM. Over the course of the twelve-and-a-half years since he first posted in the Waiting List thread on September 6, 2005, Mr. Fuhr has averaged more than 6.5 posts per day. Of the twenty-seven forum members that joined prior to Mr. Fuhr, only eight are still active.

In addition to leading the league in forum posts, it is also important to recognize that Mr. Fuhr also leads the league in stories posted since 2008, when stories were first tracked. Mr. Fuhr has written more than one hundred stories during that timespan, failing to win the Elmer Ferguson Media Award, despite his best efforts. And, while the always-humble Fuhr is unlikely to mention this himself, it should also be noted that he has captured four division championships, a conference championship, and is the odds-on-favorite to win the entire league this season with his new brand of two-goalie hockey.

We leave you now with the first ever forum post by Kevin Fuhr:

Hello my name is Kevin and I was at Hockeysfuture and saw that the Blues were in need of a GM. I was referd [sic] by Commish, Flames-JD. I'am [sic] interested in this team and like the look of there [sic] roster very much. With the proper moves the Blues could be the Best of the Wast [sic]. I would be a very active member of this league and would love the opputunity [sic] in taking over a team. If the Blues are already tooken [sic] I will gladly take the Sabers [sic].

My E-mail adress [sic] is [redacted] and I look forward to hearing from the Commishiner [sic] about a job in this league.


Kevin Fuhr

PS - We love you, Kev, and couldn't pass up the opputunity to use the McDavid and Goliath image one more time. Keep on keeping on, brother!