COLUMBUS, OHIO -- The first annual Boxing Day Massacre of the Red Wings is upon us! Later this evening, the Columbus Blue Jackets will destroy the Detroit Red Wings in front of the Wings' own fans at Joe Louis Arena.

"It's great that Commissioner JD has pitted us against the lowly Wings the day after Christmas. For Jackets fans, Christmas is basically 2 days long now; they celebrate actual Christmas on the 25th, and then they get to watch their team embarass their division rivals the next day", said Columbus GM Eric.

The Jackets, currently sitting 1st in the Western Conference, have been on an absolute tear during the month of December. In their last 10 games, for example, the team is 7-2-1. The Wings, for their part, have gone 6-4-0 in their last 10, but are barely clinging on to a playoff spot.

Because of the significant point difference between the two teams, Jackets GM Eric has opted to start his back-up goalie, Alex Auld, for tonight's Massacre. "The puck will likely never enter our zone, so I figured I may aswell give Toskala a break so he can recover from his 99 health", added Eric.

-- BJ Express