COLUMBUS, OHIO -- The Columbus Blue Jackets are in the midst of their worst slump of the season, and GM Eric thinks he knows why.

A rather large and unappealing Blue Jackets fan has been spotted at all of the team's home and away games since Christmas, and his presence has clearly disrupted the players' concentration. "There's this fat guy that sits right behind our bench every game and he just does the weirdest shit, it really freaks us out. The other night he was constantly spilling beer cans over his head and chanting 'OLLI, OLLI, OLLI', and just tonight in Philly the guy kept saying 'THAT UMBERGER LOOKS TASTY' like a million times. It's gotten to the point where our players don't even pay attention to the game anymore because they're all afraid that this guy might jump over the glass and attack someone. He's obviously got mental issues", said GM Eric.

Security personnel around the league are now aware of the problem and this fan will no longer be allowed into NEFHL rinks. Starting tomorrow in Boston, we should be seeing a more relaxed and focused Jackets team.

In their last 7 games, the BJs have given up an unprecedented 35 goals against. They have also registered a season worst 3-7-0 record in their last 10 games played. Despite this immense slump, however, Columbus is still comfortably ahead of both the St. Louis Blues and the Detroit Red Wings in the Central Division.

-- BJ Express