The Penguins dynamic duo of Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby tore the Western Conference a new one this past weekend during the All-Star game in Minnesota. The two tagged up with Alex Ovechkin and put on an absolute clinic that left the home team speechless. Malkin took home MVP honors racking up a 5 point performance (1g, 4a) in what was his easily his best Allstar showing yet.

"It fun to play with best player. Sasha and Sid are best and I want play good. Team play great, I play okay. Fans [pause] great." said Malkin.

Crosby and Ovechkin each collected 3 points and absolutely lit up both Niklas Backstrom and Mikka Kiprusoff.

"Playing in the All-Star is one of those things you dream of when you are young. I have been lucky enough of play in three now and have skated with the best players in the world. I decided to let Geno showcase his talent a bit tonight, I felt he deserved to be in the spotlight for a change. Overall, I am still the best player in the world and that isn't going to change anytime soon." Crosby said with a smirk.

Alex Goligoski also participated in the All-Star Weekend festivities as he was nominated as a starter for the Eastern Conference Youngstar's team. Despite being named the starter, Goligoski only saw 18 minutes of action and was -1 on the night. The team lost 7-0 and failed to capitalize on the power play on two occasions. Overall it was a rather embarrassing night for the squad.

"Fuhr never played me on the power play and used me rather sparingly on the night. Only Cum-stain saw less minutes then me. Ahh well, I guess it is all in fun right? However, I must say that I am thankful that I don't have to interact with Fuhr on a regular basis. I've only really seen the guy on TV. I knew he was ugly, but in person... dudes a fucking hideous mongoloid." Goligoski snickered.

In other news the NEFHL Penguins finally won a game....