Blackhawks 3 Canucks 2         Flames 1 Avalanche 0         
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January 28, 2010, the day General Manager Chris Ransom pulled the trigger on a deal that would change the fate of the Bruins forever. "Slava was on the block for a bit and we had grazed over the possibility, didn't think he had enough gas in the tank, not a big fan of Europeans, you know, lots of apprehension. Then we hit a bit of a skid and i was scanning the trade block, looking to shake things up a bit and sent in an offer to then Blackhawks GM Chris Fefetkee. Hudler was the main player going the other way along with some picks, i dunno, i was almost hoping he wouldn't accept...i was that unhigh about Old Balls". Old Balls is the name Slava has been called since coined by Flyers GM Jamie, it stuck and kind of suits him.

Fact is Kozlov is leading all players in points with 13 points in 5 playoff games. Those are some unreal numbers for a player disregarded for dead by many throughout the NEFHL. As the Bruins hold down a 3-0 series lead, another former team, the Ottawa Senators also have a 3-0 series lead. What kind of reaction would Senators fans have for Old Balls? How sweet would it be for Old Balls to give an old fashion tea bagging to Sens GM Mike McMahon? Pretty bitter sweet i bet.

Whatever the outcome in the semifinals, the Bruins could not be happier with Kozlov and his play thus far, he has been off the charts and the Bruins hope he can keep up his MVP numbers against the Canes tomorrow night in Carolina.