COLUMBUS, OHIO -- The Columbus Blue Jackets have landed in St. Louis ahead of their first playoff game since 2008.

The Jackets, who went 2-1-3 against the Blues during the regular season, are cautiously optimistic about their chances of advancing past the first round of the playoffs: "I think we got lucky to get paired against the Blues, because we've had great success against them this year. We know GM Phil's style and we expect him to try to match lines, which is exactly what we want", said Jackets GM Eric. "Every time Phil deviates from his game plan and tries to adjust to the opposition, things usually go wrong for him", added Eric. "I don't want to guarantee that the Blues will exit in the first round, but that's where I'm putting my money".

With the first match around the corner, the Jackets organization has unveiled their playoff slogan for this year: March On. When asked to explain the slogan, GM Eric said the following: "I don't actually know what March On means, but I thought it had a nice ring to it. In any event, it sure beats the St. Louis slogan, April On."

- BJ Express