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Devils Sign 3 Prospects

The Devils will only be signing three of the five prospects they have left from the 2009 draft and oddly enough all three are defensemen while the two going unsigned will be two forwards.

Dmitri Kulikov, John Moore and Simon Despres will all be joining the Devils farm team next season with Kulikov having the chance at seeing spot duty in case of injuries although the consensus with the club is he'll be on the farm all season.  All 3 defensemen have good upside with varying degrees of skill levels and each has their own strength.  As alluded to, Kulikov is the most ready and should be in NEFHL for awhile as at least a 25 point defenseman good for maybe #4-5 duties while getting some PP time. However he is still very young and has top pairing potential as a type of Tomas Kaberle offensive defenseman, albeit with more physicality.  So in that way he's kind of not at all like the shit head Kaberle has turned into.  However Kulikov is Russian so there's a high chance he stops hitting altogether, bolts overseas or falls into some gambling ring. Who knows, but at this point before any of those potential things happen - the team is happy to have him and hope he can steady the blue line in the future - or at the very worst be the GM's bookie.

John Moore and his horrendous +/- in the AHL also joins the Devils. Billed as a potential Niedermayer, Moore has had a rough time since being drafted but still has great upside.  The team is pumped to have a soft, offense first defenseman with average size who won't block shots...wait...that sounds like Shawn Belle...not exactly Niedermayer.  But anyways (Blues Traveler), the team hopes he can figure out how to box guys out or at least get in the way of a shot while still rushing up ice and creating plays.  The Devils are happy to have him, but truth be told he doesn't exactly have a hockey name. Sounds more like a high school guidance counselor.

The last player the Devils are bringing into the fold is a guy they picked cause they said fuck it at the draft table and wanted a player with the same name as an annoying child game.  This strategy will hopefully be used again as Despres has turned into a pretty solid prospect.  A big guy who can log a ton minutes was what got the Devils excited (doesn't take much anymore) even though before the draft the problem seen in Despres was the lack of a toolbox for all the tools in his arsenel. Luckily for New Jersey, with so many tools in the state they had many specialists tend to Despres up in Canada showing him how to hone his inner Jersey boy and viola..the guy is now a memorial cup winning prospect who actually put some pucks in the net and had a decent point total. With a little luck he could end up the best NEFHL defenseman of the three picked, with his potential combination of IT, ST, DF and maybe some offensive ratings. If not he might be some kind of Hejda which the team will be happy with too. Can't have too many girly named players like Jan.

wade getting dolled up before a BU gameNot signing with the team are Wade Megan and Ben Ryan.  The team refuses to have a sweater that says "Megan" on it, and New Jersey can't afford to potentially have to B. Ryan's on the team.  With so few fans coming to games, the team doesn't want to confuse the ones that are left.  Plus the league won't allow both players to wear "Ryan" on their back with a different number, so the team says screw off to Ben and will be keeping Bobby.

That or maybe the team will just get Bobby to change back to Stevenson, although they haven't approached him about it yet.