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Devils 2011 Draft Recap

With little preparation for the 2011 NEFHL Draft the Devils came out of it better than they thought they would.

Despite missing with their first round pick by a few slots, their later picks all proved impressive. Feeling the need to improve their forward depth they wanted to go mainly with forwards but ended up  pretty much splitting the draft in terms of D and F. No goalies were drafted by the team, not a surprise.

The first pick of Ty Rattie at #27 was one the team wishes they could do over. Up to the last minute they had Noesen and Rakell higher on their list but for some reason they don't remember bumped Rattie up the list. He was the guy the team ended up with and right now are unsure how to view it. He looks like a guy who rode a very strong team in terms of his points and without much size to speak of, hopefully he created the offense and didn't benefit completely from it. He slots in behind prospects like Hishon and Coyle and Adam in terms ofwhere'd he rank on the teams list but the team felt it needed a forward prospect in this spot.

Not having a 2nd round pick, the next pick for the Devils fell at #87 which they used to take Swedish D Rasmus Bengtsson. How he ended up on a list filled with forwards is beyond me.  His name sounds forward-y I guess, and mix that with the Cardinals Colby Rasmus being a darn fine good player and that's how he ended up being a Devils prospect.  Luckily for the Devils he went in the 2nd round, albeit the very end of the 2nd round. And unluckily it was to the Panthers who...suck at almost everything hockey related. Hopefully he comes to North America at some point and hopefully he makes the NEFHL at some point.

Next, the Devils picked Mike Reilly at #117 and once again this 4th round pick went slightly higher in the NHL to Columbus at #98. A very small defenseman, the kid is very offensive oriented by leading his team defense in scoring and leading them to a championship. With favorite players like Green and Goligoski, the Devils can only hope Reilly becomes even remotely on their level. 

The teams next pick was Steven Fogarty, an American center picked all the way at #130. Luckily for the Devils he managed to sneak into the 3rd round of the NHL draft by going at #72 to the Rangers. Hopefully he can be a steal for the Devils wit that kind of value and make himself into somebody in the next two seasons. Either way the Devils are happy that they had a 5th rounder turn into a 3rd rounder. He'll have none of the pressure of Bryan Fogarty, that's for sure.

At #147 the Devils made a pick of Colin Sullivan, who didn't go till #198 in the NHL. Since Fogarty was the last guy on the teams list at this point it was just BPA so the team doesn't really mind getting a solid defenseman here. From the area of the GM in Connecticut the GM is happy to get a local boy who can hopefully prove doubters wrong and  turn himself into an NHLer from the 7th round. Unfortunately in the NHL, Sullivan was drafted by the Canadiens but so far their aren't any rumors about the team releasing him...

Lastly, the Devils ended their draft (not counting the undrafted 8th rounder) with Blake Pietila at #177 who went #129 in the NHL.  In that way, the team essentially traded 5th and 7th round picks in Sullivan and Pietila. Another sub 6' player the Devils were at least happy this guy was a forward although his numbers in the relatively easy USHL were very unimpressive, with only 13 goals in 52 games. Hopefully he can gain some offense, and was drafted by NJD as well in the NHL which will hopefully lead to him developing some solid defensive tendencies.



#27 Rattie
#87 Bengtsson
#117 Reilly
#130 Fogarty
#147 Colin Sullivan
#177 Pietila


#32 Rattie
#59 Bengt
#98 Reilly
#72 Fogarty
#198 Sullivan
#129 Pietela