With restricted and unrestricted free agency looming, the Pittsburgh Penguins have decided to restructure their upper management. There have been many rumors circulating through the press that Pittsburgh Penguins assistant general manager, Chris Fekete, has been playing both sides for quite some time. Fekete has spent over a year with the Pittsburgh Penguins aiding them throughout the retooling process. All the while, sources say that he has been helping other GM's with their teams.

"Yeah, he sent me the same list of four or five unrestricted free agent prospects to sign." an anonymous gm stated.

"I had to go out to a golf tournament, so he offered to make my 3rd round picks." another manager replied.

Penguin's owner, Mario Lemieux, has announced that the he will not allow this to continue any longer. The former two-time NEFHL Stanley Cup winner and owner of the Pens had this to say,

"Had we known Fekete was doing this behind our backs we wouldn't have hired him. He helped us with a couple of depth signings early in the year and he was a solid resource during the 2010 draft, but since then his has be nothing but a disappointment."

The team has decided that Fekete will no longer be the AGM of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

"We have decided to demote Chris Fekete to our junior assistant position. He will be the assistant of our new assistant general manager... Crackhead Bob."