Blackhawks 3 Canucks 2         Flames 1 Avalanche 0         
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No More Half Measures

Its laughable to say that the seventh game into a new season is a must win, but in the eyes of Bruins management it was. A 3-2 win at home against the much improved Toronto Maple Leafs could have been the begining of the end for a team in search of confidence. "We won our first two games but then dropped the next four, winning at home against the Leafs was a must".

The Bruins now have confidence going forward after a crazy 9-5 defeat at the hands of the Canes. "We think this team is good enough but really can't be 100% sure. After losing our fourth game in a row it looked like we were indeed the playoff longshot so many pundits have proclaimed we are. Whether we are better than that will play out over the rest of October but this game was bigger than just our seventh game of the season".

Looking forward the team plays San Jose then has a home and home with les habitants to close out the month. By then the team should know where they stand. "If we can manage 2 out of 3 wins we will be .500, not a top end team by any stretch but good enough to keep our team in tact". With some much need cap space available the Bruins hope to stay in the hunt and then add some talent as teams begin to purge, if the Bruins are at the lower end of the spectrum, many expect they will continue the soft rebuild that began in the offseason. "I won't let this team hoover in mediocrity, if we're not where i want us to be then changes will happen, no doubt". Changes might include moving team captain Henrick Zetterberg to a contender, but lets not get ahead of ourselves, after all, its only seven games in.