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Backstrom sent home to diet

Rumors reporting out of Minnesota is that number 1 center, Nick Backstrom has been sent home to Sweden to start a diet, the team is calling it an abdominal strain, but we all know the only strain is his gut is from lack of donuts and swedish meatballs.

"You know its bad when you see the poor guy walk in the room, and someone like Nik Zherdev is calling him Nicklas Fatstrom. Its kind of funny, but more on the sad part, I feel for him. He did win the Hart trophy but that doesn't mean you have to stop working." said Marian Gaborik.

"I've even offered to let him sleep with my wife if he can get below 205 again, hell, I think the whole team is interested in that. I don't offer her much, but I do know the sabres gm kevin wanted a piece of Carrie, and when he saw her start to take her top off, he blew his load early, must be a metaphor for his team." said Mike Fischer.

Backstrom, he has a month and a half to get back in top game shape. If he decides not to, he can enjoy being the number 2 center on the Wild. While the coaching staff could be idiots for sending him away, they feel its nessecary to get him back in top shape.


In other news, the sabres blow, Jds mom is super hot, Carters a midget, and will steve ever see the isles have a winning season again in his lifetime?