The Pittsburgh Penguins took the Florida Panthers to the woodshed last night in what was a one sided affair. The game was not even close as Pittsburgh prevailed 4-3. Of the 20,306 Panther's faithful that attended the game only 12,687 remained in the arena to watch the game after the first period.

"What a disgraceful game. Only up 1-0 after the first. You might as well just hand them the victory as it was inevitable that a team of that stature would comeback and win" said the Panthers number one fan.

The Penguins did just that after spotting the pussycats with 3-1 lead half way through the second period. After a brief timeout, fans closest to the Penguins bench heard coach Dan Bylsma yelling "DIS! DIS!" 

Those who know the Penguins system are aware that "DIS" stands for Devistation Instigated (by) Sidney.

Follow a tally by assistant captain, Jaromir Jagr, Crosby picked up the biscuit behind his net and proceeded to skate circles around the entire Panthers team. After what had to be three or four minutes of weaving, carving, juking, jiving, and dangling the captain, Sidney Crosby, buried home a 200 km/hr slap shot over the catching glove of Roberto Luongo.

Jaromir Jagr later added the game-winning goal off a nice feed from Kris Letang on the powerplay.

"It was unbelievable to watch Crosby skate around the ice like that. It was as if he was powering up or something. He was charging up his energy to the point where his hair turned blonde. At this moment it was clear that he transformed to level two Supercrosby." said an amazed Deryk Engelland.

Before scoring the goal, Crosby stopped and said something that sounded like foreign language.

"It was hard to tell what he said as he wound up for that clapper... but it sounded to me as if he said KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!"  an animated Evgeni Malkin replied.

The two teams square off again on February 29th in what should be a blockbuster of a game. Thanks to todays win the Penguins now have a two point lead on the Panthers and a one point lead on divisional rivals the New Jersey Devils.

"Since Carter has licked my ass already, he may as well move onto my balls." said the Penguins gm about the win.

The team has now won three straight and look to extend that streak Sunday vs. the Lightning.