COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Jackets GM-Eric went real old school today by signing his childhood sandbox buddy David Van Der Gulik. Growing up together in the mean streets of Abbotsford, B.C., Eric and Van Der Gulik often discussed how they would one day team up and take the NEFHL by storm. Those dreams are now about to materialize.

Van Der Gulik, 28, was signed earlier today to a 4-year deal worth $505,000 per year. Currently sitting at 5 points through 13 NHL games, the former Bruin and current NHL Avalanche looks to rerate into a solid 2-way depth player for the Jackets. "David is a smart all-around player. We'll always be able to count on his strong defensive play, but we feel there is some untapped offensive potential too. At half a million per year, we're thrilled to have this guy on board", said GM-Eric.

"Ever since I can remember, Eric has been drawing line combinations in the sand", said Van Der Gulik. "My parents never really wanted me to play with him growing up, but for some reason I just knew he was destined for greatness, and I wanted to be a part of it", he added. "25 years ago he predicted that he would be managing the Blue Jackets and that I would lead his team to the Stanley Cup. Honestly at first I had no idea what a Blue Jacket was, but now it all makes sense and it's very exciting."

-BJ Express