The front office of the New York Islanders is proud to introduce another world class AGM to the NEFHL community.

Fresh off the campaign trail where he recently withdrew his candidacy for President of the United States, Jason Jarrett, Democrat of Illinois said "When I realized that Barack was running for a second term, I got into the race, figuring that people deserved a choice.  However, after four months during which I was only able to gather 29 signatures of support and my fund-raising only bought two dozen Tim Horton's donuts, I had to lower my expectations and will settle for the AGM office of a 29th place simulated hockey team."

Reached for comment, GM Steve Reisman belched, sighed and then farted loudly.  "Jason's alcoholic contribution to the Islanders has not gone unnoticed (or undrunk)."

Pointing to Jason's picture on the wall, mounted slightly below and to the left of his own, Steve continued, "This league needs JJ.  In fact, every league needs JJ.  As the league's resident lesbian crying to get out of a man's body, Panther's GM Carter Toni will appreciate this hiring more than most.  

Sabres GM, Kevin Fuhr was the first to hear of the hiring and, as usual, launched into an unintelligible defense of his Drew Stafford trade.  "Jason Jarrett was intimately involved in my thoughts that day, and I can still feel the warmth of his breath on my ear.  Yes, I know I should have kept Stafford but JJ's advice may have seemed more important at the moment than any logical thought."

Also asked to comment was the legendary Trevor Mac, former Ottawa Senators GM and an NEFHL founder.  Trevor looked at the questioner, paused for a long pregnant moment, and said  "I remember Jason Jarrett from my better days.  That fucker owes me $20."

Habs GM Mike Munro, who has actually been privileged to co-commish a league or two with JJ said, "I don't know how to say this to everyone but...  It's all downhill from here.'  Same with Canes GM Jeff 'I may be Canadian but I like American sports teams' McCrae.  Jeff said "If you see Trevor, tell him this guys owes me $20 too."

As for JJ's hockey knowledge, the picture says it all...

Welcome Jason Jarrett to the NEFHL simulated universe.