COLUMBUS, OHIO -- The Columbus Blue Jackets kicked off their season in style, by soundly defeating the Chicago Blackhaws 2-0 at the United Center. C Dave Bolland netted the game-winning goal, and young blueliner D Michael Sauer sealed the deal early in the second frame with a screamer from the red line. "I made a last minute change at the center position and it paid off", said GM-Eric during his post-game press conference. "During the pre-season I had Fransy (Nielsen) playing second line center, but he just wasn't getting it done and so tonight I gave Bolland the added minutes and obviously it was the right call", he added.

With tonight's win, the Jackets are comfortably ahead of all other teams in Goals Against Per Game. "My focus this summer was to train hard so during the season I could outperform my ratings, and already I can tell that things are working. Tonight I was playing at least as a 84OV goalie, maybe even 85OV", said Jackets goalie Jaroslav Halak. "I don't know if it's even possible for me to allow goals, but at this rate it sure doesn't look like it".

The Jackets will have the day off tomorrow before taking on the Minnesota Wild on Wednesday, who are fresh off a 4-1 victory against the lowly Colorado Avalanche. Puck drop is expected at some point between 5-7pm, depending on JD's schedule.

-- BJ Express