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2013 Will Be the Year of the Bear

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It's the eve of the eve of the new year and the Bruins are taking a close look into the mirror. "It's been ugly, no doubt, but there is still half a season and we will finish strong" Bruins GM Chris spoke to ESPN late Sunday night. The Bruins have a home and home with the Senators who traded the jinx Danny Briere to the Bruins a few weeks ago. Since then the Bruins have gone 4-8 including embarising losses to the Panthers and Lightning. "Dude was tainted, he was a curse, but that's over, he's been waived and we will never look back". Briere is on waivers and the Bruins warn any team that picks him up, it could be the end. 

Looking forward, the team extended a hand to Marcus Johannsson who was a victim of the Briere Effect. He spent most of the last 12 games in purgatory but is now front and center as the Bruins look to wipe that stupid grin from King Slug's face. "Mojo was having a great season and we tried to push harder than we should have...we know now he can and will do the job as our number two". 

With Mojo back in the saddle and 3+ million cleared in cap, the Bruins also welcomed up Brayden Schenn who will get time on the 4th line. Brayden has played well in providence and deserves a chance to earn some mins with the pro team. On the backend Bieksa is still on the mend after the durty Flames knocked him out for the next 2 to 4 weeks. John Carlson will take his spot and has also shown some great upside in what the Bruins hope will be a better second half. "Not only have we given the Slugs a banner to hang their hopes on last season but we've given them a head start for this season too, we'll be closing the gap over the coming weeks so enjoy it for now".