COLUMBUS, OHIO -- It is the most feared rink in the entire Western Conference. Teams have entered its doors with high hopes and dreams of victory, but what meets them inside its confines is nothing short of humiliation and defeat. At home, the Columbus Blue Jackets are nearly invincible, boasting an 11-5-4 home record that no other Western team can match. And with 21 of the next 34 Jackets games being played here, Columbus fans have good reason to be optimistic. 

This... is Nationwide Arena.

So what makes Nationwide such a daunting place for opponents? Is it the Jackets fanbase, which as a result of widespread fetal alcohol syndrome, is known to be loud, unruly and downright uncivilized? Is it the multiple live cannons that are positioned throughout the building and that occasionally fire without warning? Is it the fact that in Columbus, residents are required by law to carry firearms to all sporting events? Is it because only the home team dressing room is equipped with toilets? While we may never know the answer, one thing is for sure: the Jackets are awesome.

-- BJ Express