COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Some dream of climbing Everest, others to step foot on the moon. For Jackets-Eric, the dream was to visit his home rink: Columbus' Nationwide Arena. And so in late January he set out on what can only be described as a pilgrimage, a journey that took him from Northern Ontario to the heart of Ohio. And when he finally reached the front doors at Nationwide, it was well past midnight and the doors were locked.


Not willing to head back home without completing his dream, Eric got hold of the arena's security guard and explained that he was in fact the Jackets General Manager and  that he was fully authorized to enter the premises. Thanks to his natural charm and bribing skills, Eric was allowed in to Nationwide!


Unfortunately, however, the Jackets GM was only able to get a single photo taken inside the arena before being escorted back outside by security. In a show of defiance, Eric proceeded to hump the famous Nationwide Arena sign located directly in front of the main doors.


And so, with memories that will last him a lifetime, Eric left Columbus, never to return. 

-- BJ Express