COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Jackets GM-Eric has officially pledged his support for former Panthers manager Carter's reintegration into the league. "The league hasn't been the same since Carter's departure; there is less drama, less activity on the forums, less fun, and by my count we're seeing fewer wins generally", said Eric. Carter is well known around the league for having won multiple Stanley Cups during his lengthy tenure as manager and for providing countless LOLs at Sabres-Kevin's expense.

"My backing of Carter is not to be construed as a vote against current Panthers GM Trevor, who is doing an admirable job leading his team to the far depths of the standings. We would be happy seeing Carter take over management of one of several other teams in either of the Eastern or Western conferences." Eric did not expand on which teams he was referring to, but it is unlikely that he was referring to his own Columbus Blue Jackets.

With a handful of GMs on the brink of being fired, league Commissioner JD will undoubtedly be looking for replacements in the coming months, and with the waiting list being bare Carter is a real contender for the next opening.

In other news, today marks the last day for teams to complete their mid-season news articles. Failure to post 3 articles by the New Year will result in strikes being handed out. Commissioner JD instilled this rule over the summer in the hopes of improving article quality by ensuring teams did not wait until the last day of the season to post all their articles. This paragraph was brought to you by the need to hit the 250-word count.

-- BJ Express