In this episode, Jackets GM-Eric sits down with our very own BJ Express and answers the questions that are on everyone's mind.


BJ Express: Let's dive right into it. The Jackets. Why are they so good?

Jackets-Eric: Well you know what, it's no fluke that the Jackets are the top W% team in the NEFHL. My normal routine is to wake up around 0430 each day and watch tape from the previous night's game. I spend a lot of time analyzing my players, adjusting line combinations, finding areas where I can improve the team. If you want to build and maintain a contender in this league, you've always got to be looking for ways to improve the product you put on the ice now and in the future. That means digging deep into the Trade Talk forum and seeing who's available and for what price, keeping an eye on the Waiver Wire in case another team has given up on a decent player, scouting the Latvian junior leagues to find the next Martins Karsums... 

BJ Express: What goes on behind the scenes when GMs private message each other?

Jackets-Eric: Honestly, it seems that over the years there's been a steady decline in the number of PMs going around the league. If it wasn't for Bruins-Chris constantly telling me how awesome my team is, I wouldn't get more than one or two PMs a week. There's very little trade talk going on behind the scenes. Sure we all get impulse offers from Sabres-Kevin, but apart from draft and deadline day it's generally pretty quiet.

BJ Express: You have 4 NHL goalies. What's your plan?

Jackets-Eric: Goalies are hard to come by in this league, and you never know if your #1 goalie will suddendly lose his starting job in the NHL, so you need to be prepared. For the time being I'm happy holding on to all 4 and seeing how things play out. By the looks of it, Bishop, Halak and Kuemper will end up with starter ratings, and Peters will have a backup rating. I like having those options in net.