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The Boston Bruins and Calgary Flames made a trade on Tuesday adding some all important SC in the form of Chris Kunitz. The deal was the second time in the history of time that Chris Ransom and Grand Puba - JD Barry consummated a deal. The other was Kostka for a 5th. The price was two 1st round picks in the 2015 draft, a pricey payment indeed. But thats not how the Bruins GM sees it "Did i pay a little extra, sure, but JD does a good job with this league so i consider it like 'tipping the dealer' when your on a hot streak...I won a cup, have had a great season so i figure its time to pay it back". When asked why he didn't 'pay it forward' with any of the leagues less fortunate teams "really i tried, they had sqaudoosh for value, i don't want to replace 66sc with 69sc, my name isn't Kevin".

Ah yes Kevin, the Northeast division opponent so often mentioned in various Bruins literature. It seems that Ottawa Mike should be the new target of the Bruins since Kevin and The Slugs are in Han-Solo carbon-freesing till 2022. So Ottawa Mike, how do you like your steak? Is it true you once had a 3-1 series lead and lost 3 straight? Is it true you only won GM of the Year after the Bruins GM was disqualified for not voting?

Feel free to respond in the form of an article, i'd hate to see you strike out before i can beat you in the playoffs again.