OTTAWA, ONTARIO -- The NEFHL front office has confirmed rumours that the League's CBA has been updated. The new version will be rolled out on January 1, 2016 and will be effective immediately. Among the changes are the following:

Section 5.2(iii): updated to reflect the existing NEFHL draft lottery procedure;

Section 5.2(v): updated to specify the exact birthdate cut-off of draft eligible players (those who are 17 at the time of the NEFHL draft but who are still draft eligible for that year);

Section 7.1.2: updated to specify how certain players are rerated (for example, players sharing time in the NHL and the minors, or NHL players who missed extended parts of the season due to injury);

Section 7.1.3(v): updated to extend the 4-year signing period of drafted prospects playing in all European leagues, not only the KHL;

Section 7.1.4: updated to reflect that NHL players who miss more than 123 consecutive NHL games due to injury are now subject to retirement in the NEFHL;

Section 7.1.6: updated to specify the length of a player's suspension in cases where the simulator has failed to hand down a suspension despite there being a suspendable offense;

Section 8.1.2(i): updated to specify that injured or suspended players cannot be bought out until such time as they are no longer injured or suspended;

Section 8.1.2(iii): updated to specify that the buy-out penalty for players earning over $2,000,000 but who have played fewer than 20 games in a season will include the player's current yearly salary (in addition to all future years).

A number of other changes have been made to the CBA so it will be important for all GMs to familiarize themselves with the document immediately.