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Jets draft review

BUFFALO, NY -- The Jets decided to say fuck it this year, and traded away the vast majority of their picks. Instead, they'll make 14 selections in the 2017 draft. The management team decided to take the weekend off and go fishing. They let the polar bear at the local zoo, Chomper, make the few picks they had.

And good ole Chomper did alright. 

In the first round Chomper decided to go Swedish, by selecting forward Rasmus Asplund from Farjestad in the SHL.

Here's what the scouts have to say about the pick:

A skilled two-way forward with good hands and a nose for the net. He doesn’t hesitate to go to the net, despite his average size and strength. Asplund has been getting better and better during the season, and had a real solid WJC, which gave him added confidence. Was a part of Farjestad’s best line during the end of the season.”

Asplund isn’t the tallest guy and his frame will need some filling out to do, but what immediately catches the eye with him is the fact that he has very good skating ability and plays with energy. The combination of his work-ethic with his ability to get around the ice is one of his better features. He is a player that is consistently involved in all three zones on the ice and is effective with and without the puck. With some added power he has become stronger on his skates and can compete better that in the past when engaged by defenders, his consistency has also improved and is not a concern at this point.

Defensively he’s made impressive strides from last season and Asplund now plays a fairly mature two-way game, he is already a good forechecker and backchecker. He is committed to moving his feet and has a good active stick. He is capable of causing turnovers with it as he pressures the puck-carrier. Asplund is one of those players that will often hound the opponent on the backcheck and work until he gets the puck back. As a center he will need to get bigger to defend down-low in the defensive zone, sometimes he can also come out towards the blueline more than is needed because he is focused on pressuring the puck, especially as a center he should pay more attention not to expose the area behind him.

NHL Potential: Top-Six Two-Way Center


In the second round Chomper wanted to go west, and picked 

Dube excels off the rush playing an up-tempo game and pushing the pace, when he’s involved in transition he seems to gain a better flow of the offense and his instincts have a tendency to take over. Skating is quick and explosive has a strong ability to create space and break away from defenders at high speed. Speed changes are good and 4 way mobility looks light when changing directions, leg strength needs some work
as strong checkers can throw his balance off, gets knocked down too easily at times.

Dube is a noticeable energizer bunny from start to finish. He has a smaller frame, but he is fairly filled out and sturdy along the walls. The best part of his game is his consistent speed and relentless forward-thinking attitude. He is very explosive and creates a lot of speed in the blink of an eye. He can blow past defensemen off the rush and does not hesitate to take the puck to the net. He makes WHL defenders look like pylons at times with his energetic bursts. Dube is effective using his feet to push through small holes in the defense, taking himself to prime scoring areas. He has a nice release and accuracy on his wrist shot, looking to pick corners from inside the circle. He displays his vision stopping up at the half-wall before hitting the tape of his teammates through traffic as they go to the net. Dube has the puck skill to beat a defender in a one-on-one situation with a subtle, but lightning-quick, deke. His fast stick also serves him well in the defensive zone and board play, where he is constantly getting in battles for the puck. He
is a little small yet, but likes to play a brash, physical game. He shows great work ethic as he recognizes a need defensively and drives back hard into the defensive zone to help defend any odd-man rushes. We like his drive, speed, smarts and skill .

A pure shooter, Dube poses a hard and heavy shot with a very good release, can shoot in stride and gets good power on it. At times accuracy can be an issue possibly due to wanting to shoot as hard as possible at all times. However shows versatility in his shooting ability with capable both of a quality one-timer and soft backhand that rises quickly in tight. Can use his body to guard of defenders his skating allows him to
be slippery and protects the puck well, this is where his passing.

NHL Potential: Middle-Six Two-Way Centre


By trading away the vast majority of their picks, the Jets loaded up for the 2017 NHL draft, which is slated to be much stronger than the 2016 draft class, which was supposedly much stronger than the 2015 draft class, which was said to be much stronger than the 2014 draft class, which at the time was proclaimed much stronger than the 2013 draft, and of course that was much stronger than...