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Price being moved?

And again, like at least once every season, there are rumors around MSG thats star goaltender Carey Price is on the move out of New York: "We will not comment anything about rumors", said GM Kaminski today.

Here are some facts about a possible deal:

1. Its no secret that The Rangers management havent been pleased with Carey and his NEFHL agent during last off season. Indeed they were pissed that the injured star keeper havent signed a longterm contract.

2. Its also no secret that Price is the best goaltender not only in the NHL, not only in the NEFHL, but in the world. Not only last season, not only this season but for many to come.

3. Price wont move out without coming back a usable replacement.

4. The Rangers have at least 2 strong teams to be interested in Carey Price.

5. Its assumed that - if at all - the Rangers are looking for a great return package if they decide to move the star keeper

6. Any contender who trades for Carey will immediately improve their chance to win the Cup

7. Did we mention that Carey Price is the best goaltender in the world?

8. The Rangers have a strong offer from Buffalo on the table, but nothing done yet. Several issues arent close enough to make Kaminski accept this offer.

9. Carey Price is again on top of any significant goalie statistics despite a weaker Rangers team and despite a low DU.

10. He hasnt missed any game so far this season despite a low DU rating

11. He will have a much improved DU rating nest season.

12. The odds of Price out of New York are 50/50

13. By the way: CP is the best goaltender in the world

14. Hopefully we have 250 words, no time to count!!!!