Columbus, Ohio -- The Columbus Jackets would like to thank Broadways restaurant for their great hospitality and for hosting this year's draft. It was good to see everybody again and pretty sweet that we had our own room with projector. The food is pretty bad though (except for Curtis' steak salad, apparently).

With the Jackets' first pick, we took some guy called Juuso Valimaki, a defenseman from Finland who plays for Tri-City of the WHL. I know that because I Googled him shortly before my pick came up. He's not a guy I've ever seen play or that I had heard of prior to draft day, but reading about him after the fact makes me think the pick was decent at #13. Granted it's rarely a good idea to pick a defenseman with your first pick. Valimaki will return to the NEWHL this season and we expect he'll be in the NEFHL in a few years to play alongside T.J. Brodie on the Jackets top pair.

Second pick was forward Jonah Gadjovich whose name sounds foreign but he's actually from Whitby. Jonah is a high scoring, boom or bust type prospect. He's another guy I've never seen play and have yet to watch even a YouTube clip about him. Whatever.

The rest of our picks were used up on total wildcards that either had NHL-sounding names, lots of points in a legit junior league, or were auto-picked by JD. Oh except for the last guy which is someone we redrafted, I can't remember his name though but I remember he's really small and scores a ton in the NCAA.