Columbus, Ohio -- This month we're giving our fans a sneak peak at what makes Jackets GM-Eric the greatest GM in the league (possibly of all-time). Unlike most other GMs in the league, Eric takes his job very seriously. In fact, he made the decision in late 2016 to dedicate himself fully to the NEFHL and now spends his days looking over his team's affairs. A typical day for Eric looks like this:

4:25am - Get up bright and early and head out the door for a 30km jog. During his run Eric listens as Siri reads out all the PMs that were received overnight. If yesterday was a gamenight for the Jackets, Eric will re-listen to the play-by-play to be sure he hasn't missed anything.

5:05am - Take an ice bath while catching up on last night's scores from around the league. Eric takes careful notes of all stats from every player on every team. Absolutely nothing gets overlooked, you just never know when a specific piece of information might be needed.

8:30am - Jump in the car and get chauffered to Nationwide Arena. By now the morning paper from all major cities in the country have arrived on his desk, and Eric will read and summarize the NEFHL section of each and every one, hoping to gain an edge on his competitors.

11:15am - Time to start making phone calls. Eric will spend the bulk of his day having 1-on-1 discussions with his front office staff. Every player on the team is scrutinized to the maximum. Potential trades are explored. New line combinations are constantly being drawn up on paper. Unassigned/uncreated players are being considered. And of course novel ways of bending the rules are being tested and/or put into action.

4:00pm - If the Jackets are playing at night, it's time for the team to get suited up in preparation for Eric's pre-game speech, which routinely exceeds 3 hours. Every possibly on-ice situation is discussed at length.

12:55am - With the game over and the arena empty, Eric returns home to sit in bed, waiting for the morning to come.

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