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Rangers prepare for next season (Part 1)

After the unfortunate loss in game 7 of the first round series vs Buffalo, the New York Rangers trying to upgrade for next season. "Unfortunately we cant attend the live draft because of the huge distance between germany and canada", explained GM Kaminski why he again traded away all his picks.

"Thats not an easy issue but we did that before and we had success", Kaminski added. "As long as we are able to be a contender this strategy is justified. In the case that we need to start a rebuild, we have to rethink trading away picks."

But even without drafting much lately, the Rangers have been able to land some promising midlevel youth: With Dan O'Reagan, Joe Hicketts, Sebatian Aho and Alexander Georgiev the Rangers own some talent with the possibility of being a pro club player sooner or later. "No real high end skill in the pipeline but the past showed us that we can compete year after year", Kaminski said.

And again in the upcoming season the Rangers will ice a promising team. "We still have to gamble around a bit and have to make some adjustments, but the main core is set for next year."

Also the expansion draft didnt hurt the Rangers much. They lost Austin Watson to the new Vegas franchise: "Sure Watsy was a valuable and promising player with some upside. We liked his checking ability but he never was a scorer and his lack of discipline is something we wont miss much."

The biggest decision for next season was around the goaltending: Craig Anderson did well for them but he is getting older and his ratings didnt justify his salary. So Kaminski was looking for an upgrade and grabbed Jaroslav Halak. "We wish Andy all the best but we needed to make this change. Hally is a shortterm solution but still an upgrade for us and we are confident to have solid goaltening next season."

Not decided yet is who is backing up Halak. Everything is pointing to Aaron Dell, but his 1,9 mill salary might be an obstacle. So also the unsigned RFA Anton Forsberg is in the run.

Part 2 will follow