Columbus, Ohio -- In a rather unexpected turn of events, the Jackets have decided to participate in this year's NEFHL Entry Draft. "To be honest our plan from the start of 2018 was to be a fully auto-picking team in this year's draft. But Commissioner JD was having none of it, and so we reluctantly sent a representative to the Broadways in Orleans to make our picks in person. Who we will pick remains to be seen, because at this time our organization is unable to name a single player in the draft."

Reports out of Columbus say that GM-Eric and his management team have been doing little to nothing to prepare for the draft. There are even talks that the franchise might be sold and/or relocated during the summer. "This team is my baby", said Eric, "so I can't see myself giving up control. But don't expect a whole lot more activity from me next season."

The Jackets are picking 23rd overall. When looking at their depth chart, there seems to be a need at every position, so in all likelihood GM-Eric will pick the Best Player Available regardless of position. "Since I don't know any of the players, I'll just rely on the various online rankings to pick my first round player", said Eric. "And I strategically decided to sit next to Commissioner JD at the draft table, so you can bet that I will be sneaking some peeks at his screen to get some ideas."

BJ Express, live from the draft.