Through the first 2 months of the season the Jackets have had about 3 things going for them:

1. Good goaltending

2. Consistant scoring 

3. Lots of shots against


Before the last 10 games number 1 on the list has taken care of number 3 and number 2 has made an equation for success.


With the amount of injuries in the last month throughout the lineup of players including Kucherov, Rakell, Palat and most recently McCann goals have not come as easy and players throught the lineup that needed to step up unfortunetely did not. The teams GF has dropped from 3.23 in the first 28 games to 2.75 in the last 10.

This goal production combined with shaking goaltending and the shots against have added to a measily 1-5-4 record in the last 10 games and a slight slide down the standings. Still finding themselves in a playoff spot there is still time to turn this around but a shakeup throughout the lineup cannot come soon enough.

The outsiders looking in have their doubts but Internally the Jackets feel a shakeup throughout the lineup from top to bottom as well as putting full confidence in Varlamov will right this ship and end the 10 game slump.


With a now mostly healthy lineup and some leadership from the likes of scoring leaders Kucherov and Rakell with some help from the boys in the backend, management believes that Columbus will still make the push to the playoffs and battle for that Division title and get back to how they were through the first 2 month of the season; a force to be reckoned with.