Section 7.1.6 of the NEFHL rulebook stipulates that if a player is critically injured on a play, the perpetrator would be penalized accordingly, with the length of the suspension being dependent on the severity of the injury. Five games, the stiffest penalty in the NEFHL, is handed out in incidents resulting in the victim being reduced to less than 30 conditioning.

Senators forward Colin White, who was seen practicing in a red, non-contact jersey this afternoon, was the player injured on what looked like a harmless hockey play. White is expected to be back in the lineup within a weeks time. 

Needless to say, Jones was not happy about the leagues decision and did not shy away from vocalizing his frustrations. 

"A love tap to the ankle and I get 5 games? For a fucking love tap? This is some bullshit," said Seth Jones. 

When asked whether he would appeal the suspension, Jones did not hesitate to comment. 

"You're God damn right I am going to appeal the decision. Fuckin' Gryba got four games for basically murding Bo."

A New Years Day meeting has been scheduled with NEFHL commisoner, JD Barry. The Jones camp hopes the leagues outrageous suspension will be reduced significantly. 

"If Barry don't fix this I suggest he muscle up. I'm coming for him. He bout to catch one.You feel me?" the defender added. 

Jones has been the subject of trade rumours out of Pittsburgh as of late. Word on the street is that the team has had conversations with four teams regarding his services. When asked about what he thought of the rumours, Jones made it clear that all he wants to do is play the game he loves. 

"It doesn't matter where I am playing, all that matters is I am on the ice. If it wasn't for that 5 foot nothing, snitch ass punk Barry, I'd be out playing the game I love."