There is only one team in single digits when it comes to NEFHL losses. Yup! That’s right! Just one!

It is worth noting that there is only one team with less than 10 losses this season. In fact, the New York Islanders have more ties than losses. Wow! Does that equal a cup? Nuh uh… But still, it’s impressive when you see a statline on OT like the one the Isles have accumulated to this point of the season.

2-0-10… That’s right! Your eyes are not deceiving you. ZERO losses in OT in the 2019-2020 season. Zippo! Zilch! None! Could the Isles go the entire season without an OT loss? Will Kevin win the failure lottery? Which is more likely?

More than halfway into the season (44 games played), the New York Islanders have not lost in overtime.

Not surprisingly, they also have the highest PDO (WTF is PDO anyway and does anyone care?) in the league with a stellar 1026 mark.

Tonight, in the 45th game, the future cup hoisters will host another contender when they face off against the lead-poisoned Detroit Red Wings. Thankfully, they aren’t playing in Michigan and can drink with water without fear or trepidation.

This, my friends, is the second game in the 73rd year of General Manager Steve and hockey fans from all over the SIM universe acknowledge that the General Manager is heretofore undefeated since celebrating the momentous anniversary of… of… The Birth of the Genius!! *sigh* It’s not easy being both smart, literate and insanelty sexy.

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