The 2020 playoffs didn't go the way the Blue Jackets thought they would, the core seemingly took the playoffs off and decided not to be of any sort of positive impacts. As a result of this it seems the Blue Jackets might try to retool a bit and add some youth back into the pipeline. While only 2 2nd round picks were made the Blue Jackets are excited to bring both of these young talents into their organization.

The first of these selections was Tristen Robins at 46. While not ranked highly by many except for Blackbook, Robins to me is a guy we may all look back on and be like "why wasn't he ranked higher?". His lack of high rankings seems like it could be due to a lack of exposure as scouts that did see him loved him. He's a small guy who isn't afraid to go to the dirty corners and finishes his checks. Every bit of video I watched him play in he seemed to be a Gallagher clone as he's not afraid of anyone. The large majority of his points game against some of the best defensive teams in the entire CHL so he isn't just bloating up his point totals against weak teams. Size with him is an issue as he's only 5'10(apparently he is 5'11 now) but the NHL has become a league where size isn't everything anymore. The only other major issue I could find was his first couple of strides aren't the best when he's accelerating. While not sky high upside he is a player I think will make the NHL just with the combination how hard he works and his talent. He's one of those prospects while amazing at one particular facet, he is good-great in all aspects.

The second of these selections was Ryan O'Rourke at 56. O'Rourke was a propsect I thought would'v been long gone by 56 but I was happy to learn he was still on the board come that pick. O'Rourke by all indications is a safe bet to be an NHL blueliner in the future. He played a lot better at the start of the year but scouts point out that it was probably due to overuse he trailed off near the end of the season. O'Rourke is very dependable in his own end and has nice hockey IQ and compete level. He's a great 1 on 1 defender and most of the time he's only beat if he's against a far superior skater. The main question about O'Rourke is his upside. He's likely never going to be a #1 d-man but his potential is seen to be anywhere between a good #2 to a minute munching 2nd pairing guy. O'Rourke's offensive development will likely determine what he can be as a potential NHL blueliner.

While no game breaking prospects the Jackets are excited to bring in two players with the 2 attributes the Jackets value the most, hockey IQ and compete level. Neither of these players will be stars more than likely but the Blue Jackets feel like they should be putting on a Columbus jersey someday.