In a long-awaited transaction, the NHL New York Islanders have finally completed the migration of God's Goalie Ilya Sorokin from the KHL to the NHL.

 Nothing, even the dreaded pandemic, could deter Sorokin from his longstanding desire to tend the net for the New York Islanders.

Fortunately, the NEFHL New York Islanders also possess the rights to Comrade Sorokin and will be conducting their affairs accordingly during the 2021 season.  Although Sorokin cannot play during the 2020 play-in tournament, he will undoubtedly become the go-to netminder next season in the NHL.  And, we all know what that means for the NEFHL.  50 starts and he's a gold nugget of a starting goalie.

For those who aren't familiar with Sorokin's statistical credentials, consider these:

Last season, in the KHL, 40 games... 1.5 GAA and .935 save percentage.  The previous year, 40 games... 1.16 GAA and .940 save percentage!!!  2018?  37 games, 1.59 GAA and a .931 save persentage.  We are talking Godlike stats here...  In post season play, 2015 and 2016, Sorokin didn't allow a single goal in 5 games played.  Zero!  Zilch!  None...

Can you name a single goaltender with these credentials? Ilya says, “Nyet!”

It did not take long for the Isles to corral their prized Garth Snow 2014 draft pick...

"July 2020 – Eight hours after NHL teams were allowed to negotiate with unsigned draft picks, the Isles landed their No. 1 prospect. Ending months of speculation, Sorokin left the KHL for a one-year deal with a $925,000 AAV. It’s a typical contract for 24-year-olds, although Sorokin is atypical after five spectacular campaigns for CKSA Moscow, capping his tenure with a 1.50 GAA and .935 save percentage. The 6-2 athletic, butterfly-style stopper can join the Islanders’ now-underway training camp, but is ineligible for the playoff tournament. Signing his pact now lops a year off his entry-level deal and allows him to become an RFA next year."

Sorokin's arrival in the NEFHL East will wait until 2022 but make no mistake...  Records will be rewritten...  Ratings will be reformulated...  Sorokin is coming!!