When the Jackets started the year they expected it to be a rough one. A lot of players regressed, lost some key players to ufa, players needing pay raises, overall the offseason wasn't kind to the Jackets. That's why the likes of players such as Severson were dealt away for younger talent as they saw this year as a retooling phase and planned to make their prospect pool stronger. The rest of the league seemed to think this as well as in the preseason rankings the Jackets were ranked as the 24th best team when taking the averages of all the ranking together. Well it seems like Kucherov and friends had other plans.

So far this year the Jackets have gone 18-5-1, which at this current moment in time is the best record in the league. The player leading the charge thus far has been (as expected for any sort of success) Kucherov, who leads the team in goals, assists, and as such is by far the leader in points on the squad. Kucherov has slowed down a bit but even so his numbers have been most impressive with 21 goals and 23 assists for 44 points in 24 games. The next leading scorer on the team is Teravainen with 30 points, followed by Oshie with 28, Lindholm and Ritchie with 27 points, and Skinner rounds out the top 6 scorers with 22 points. The Jackets as a team rank in top 10 in all team stats aside from GA/G which currently ranks at 16. 

Now the question on everyone's mind might be "will the Jackets keep it up?". The answer is probably not. The Blue Jackets would love to finish as the best team in the league but the reality of the situation is that everyone has been playing at the top of their games right now it seems. Add to that to the fact that there is a lot of hockey left to play and the possibility of a Blue Jackets collapse is likely, but right now the Jackets and their fans will be riding on this high until that happens.