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Here are the top ten ranked NEFHL teams going into the 2021-2022 season!


10.   NY Rangers   -   Key:   B-,   Core:   B,   Depth:   B+,   Offense:   B,   Defense:   B+,   Intangibles: A,   Goaltending:   A-,   Salary cap:   A-,   Assets: D,     Hoover Grade:   B+   -   NYR does a good job of staying relevant and trading futures for roster players. They added quite a few via free agency as well, and were able to then sell off old depth to put together a decent roster. It might be tough to upgrade, but they'll be in the thick of it.

9.   Minnesota   -   Key:   B-,   Core:   B,   Depth:   A-,   Offense:   A-,   Defense:   B-,   Intangibles: B,   Goaltending:   C-,   Salary cap:   A,   Assets: A,     Hoover Grade:   A   -   Wild have cap space and tons of assets to be an adder as the season goes on. They're in great position to fill the holes they discover and already have a good roster. Minny is a team I could see starting mediocre in the first half, make a couple adds, and go on a tear in the 2nd half.

8.   Dallas   -   Key:   A+,   Core:   A,   Depth:   C,   Offense:   B+,   Defense:   C,   Intangibles: C,   Goaltending:   B+,   Salary cap:   D,   Assets: C+,     Hoover Grade:   A-   -   Some super stars to do the heavy lifting, Dallas will be hoping for a little more luck than they had last season. Panarin, Drai, Marner, Letang, and Nurse might be the best possible top unit in the league.

7.   Washington   -   Key:  A,   Core:   B+,   Depth:   B,   Offense:   B,   Defense:   B+,   Intangibles: C+,   Goaltending:   A+,   Salary cap:   F,   Assets: C,     Hoover Grade:   B+   -   The most dramatic makeover this off-season was perhaps the Capitals. Some big ballsy trades by the organization to bring in Matthews, Guentzel, and Wheeler to go from lotto contender to legit cup contender, particularly with having added Vasilvskiy last trade deadline.

6.   Philadelphia   -   Key:   B+,   Core:   A-,   Depth:   A,   Offense:   B+,   Defense:   A+,   Intangibles: A,   Goaltending:   C-,   Salary cap:   B-,   Assets: B-,     Hoover Grade:   A-   -   Burns and Hamilton will look to lead the Flyers to another cup, but there is less offense up front than the playoff roster from last season with couple free agents and some cap trimming deals. The defense is top in the league and Philly will look to build on last year’s success, but will need to add a scorer or two to be a contender.

5.   Nashville   -   Key:   B-,   Core:   B,   Depth:   B+,   Offense:   B-,   Defense:   B+,   Intangibles: A+,   Goaltending:   A-,   Salary cap:   C-,   Assets: A,     Hoover Grade:   A-   -   Nashville is a well-rounded team with key role players and possess the always important intangibles. This should be a consistent squad with their depth. Toffoli was a huge off-season acquisition to give the Preds a star.

4.   Chicago   -   Key:   B,   Core:   A,   Depth:   A+,   Offense:   A+,   Defense:   C-,   Intangibles: C,   Goaltending:   A,   Salary cap:   B,   Assets: A-,     Hoover Grade:   A   -   Chicago has the best offensive squad in the league. They are sure to score a ton of goals. Defense? Shotty, but a good duo in net, so the offense should feel comfortable doing their thing.

3.   Calgary   -   Key:   A-,   Core:   A-,   Depth:   B-,   Offense:   A,   Defense:   D,   Intangibles: C-,   Goaltending:   A+,   Salary cap:   B-,   Assets: B+,     Hoover Grade:   A+   -   Flames are always a threat, and are looking strong again this coming season, looking to improve on their finals appearance last season. They have top goaltending, along with stars up front and on defense. Their 4th line is pretty flimsy, but also easiest to fix.

2.   Colorado   -   Key:   A,   Core:   A+,   Depth:   A,  Offense:   A,   Defense:   A+,   Intangibles: B+,   Goaltending:   B-,   Salary cap:   C,   Assets: B,     Hoover Grade:   A   -   Nate MacKinnon is one of the league's best stars and will lead what is a slightly trimmed Avs roster, but still very talented.

1.   Vancouver   -   Key:   A,   Core:   A+,   Depth:   A+,   Offense:   A+,   Defense:   A,   Intangibles: A-,   Goaltending:   A,   Salary cap:   C-,   Assets: A+,     Hoover Grade:   A+   -   Canucks have it all, with the exception of a number 1 dman. They have offensive stars, defensive stars, two-way grinders, and top notch goaltending. They also have a ton of assets to upgrade, including 3 1st rounders in the next draft. They do have to cut some cap, but will still be strong with whichever route they go. Vancouver is this years power ranking's regular season and cup favourite.


Conclusions, thoughts, and standings to come!