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When it comes to the NEFHL Entry Draft, one of the busier teams over the years has been the Vancouver Canucks.

“We believe it is important to gather picks which can then be flipped for prospects or players or kept and used to draft a player. Many of them are dart throws but you hope that they pan out. The most important part is to realize they are assets that can make your team better in numerous ways” said GM Allen.

The 2021 draft for the Canucks could be compared to the 2017 draft that helped turned the Canucks around. The Canucks had the equivalent of 5 first round picks with Heiskanen, Necas, Thomas plus Chytil and Frost who were dealt for Seguin.

“I don’t know if you can compare 2017 and 20221 but if it happens to turn out that way, we are going to be extremely happy here” chuckled GM Allen.

Below is a breakdown of the 2021 draft picks with some comments from GM Allen as well as their NHL draft spot.

1st Round
7th Overall - C/LW - Kent Johnson - NHL: 5th (+2) – “Most skilled player in the draft, needs to mature and add some weight but just silky smooth”
24th Overall - C - Zach L'Heureux - NHL: 27th (-3) – “A skilled man but needs to control his temper. Hopefully a Tom Wilson/Brad Marchand type”
27th Overall - C - Zach Bolduc - NHL: 17th (+10) – “Very skilled, needs to show he can carry his junior team”

2nd Round
**34th Overall - C - Wyatt Johnson - NHL: 23rd (+11) – “Skilled player but likely going to be a two way type player”
**This was a trade shortly after he was drafted but we'll consider it drafted by VAN

3rd Round
71st Overall - C - Redmond Savage - NHL: 114 (-43) – “Meat and potatoes, lunch bucket type bottom 6”
72nd Overall - C - Ilya Fedotov - NHL: 43rd (+28) – “Physical for an average sized player, good hands, needs some time”

4th Round
94th Overall - D - Aleksi Malinen - NHL: 189 (-95) – “Smaller, skilled two way type”
100th Overall - G - Tristan Lennox - NHL: 93 (+7) – “Big goalie with good movement. Needs to cut down on the bad goals”
102nd Overall - G - Kirill Gerasimyuk - NHL: 152 (-50) – “Part of the Russian wave of goalies coming. Excited to watch his progress”

5th Round
152nd Overall - D - Ryan Mast - NHL: 181 (-29)
154th Overall - D - Ty Gallagher - NHL: 217 (-63)

6th Round
156th Overall - G - Arsenii Sergeev - NHL: 205 (-49)

7th Round
188th Overall - F - Connor Kurth - NHL: ND
194th Overall - D - Isaac Belliveau - NHL: 154 (+40)
195th Overall - F - Jack Harvey - NHL: ND
205th Overall - F - Max McCue - NHL: 156 (+49)
207th Overall - F - Andrei Buyalsky - NHL: 92 (+115)
209th Overall - G - Pavel Cajan - NHL: ND

Overall the Canucks ended up drafting 4 goalies, 4 defense and 10 forwards for a total of 18 picks. Based on the NHL draft, a very successful draft for the Canucks. 15 of 18 players drafted, 4 first round picks, 1 2nd round, 3 third round.

Up next in the Canucks 2021/2022 preview will be free agency.