Hello again NEFHL hockey fans!! 

It's that time of year when we all sit back and smile as a dozen or more NEFHL GMs try to make their minimum article quotas.

So it seems logical that, since 36 stupid Golden Knights articles were posted with total disregard for anyone's sensitivities, I'd take this opportunity to deliver a league-wide message:  The Vegas Golden Knights Suck Donkey Nuts!

Now, having said that, let's examine some reasons:

1. They are in 25th place overall.  Is that something to be posting articles about on a daily basis?  No!

2. They are dead last in the Pacific Division.  Even the tanking San Jose Sharks have two games in hand on them.  Would you post daily if your team was locked in the basement?  No way!

3. With 20 prospects on their list since 2018, it's hard to find one that they can build a team around.  Not one!  Zip!  Zilch!  Nada!

4. They don't even have a 2nd round pick in the upcoming!  Now that's worth bragging about, right?   Nope!

5. The farm team is chock full of nobodys.  The level of futility on this roster is only matched by the level of obstinate article posting all season long.

Another thing, the coveted annual Elmer Ferguson award for outstanding NEFHL journalism is not decided on quantity.  Quality is the basis for NEFHL ballots and I'm here to tell you, that I stopped reading the Vegas bullshit about 34 articles ago.  The Vegas Golden Knight reporter seems more like the Vegas Golden Shower reporter.  Stay tuned for another takedown in the waning days of the year.