Columbus, Ohio - The Columbus Blue Jackets added another to their General Managing staff today. w00t has been hired as Kyle Spencer's Assistant GM.
     "We are very happy to have w00t. Within the first 20 minutes of being with the organization he impressed me by pointing out some changes we had to make, and without being told, went to work on it. I was just left their, sitting alone with the bill for both of our lunches, and he was off...wait a minute...I'll be right back" - GM Kyle Spencer.

     "Hopefully I can contibute my knowledge of the game and help the Jackets become one of the top teams in the league. I'm just happy that I was able to make it out of the restaurant before Kyle noticed I didn't...Oh $#!^...See ya" Assistant GM w00t.  

     Will the Spencer/w00t combination do the job in Columbus, will w00t be able to out run Spencer, will the waitress stand at their table waiting for one of them to come back and pay the bill for ever. Only time will tell.

Juri Dumbasski
Blue Jackets News