En lieu of General Manager Kyle Spencer's recent disappearing act, the Columbus Blue Jackets have promoted Eric "w00t" Gerestein as the new GM of the team.

When asked to comment on his new position, Eric had this to say: "It sucks that Kyle has abandonned us, but I can't blame him. Afterall, I too would overstay my welcome at the Playboy Mansion."

Eric, who was proclaimed by many to be the next hockey phenom, thought his career was all but over at the end of the summer when he was released by his Division 7 Traveller's League team, the Gut Checkers. In 17 GP last season, he managed 1 legitimate goal and amassed 0 penalty minutes as the teams powerforward/enforcer. "It's encouraging to know that I still have a future in hockey, and I am very excited at the prospect of managing one of the best NEFHL teams", he added.

For those who are unaware of Eric's managing and coaching style, he is renown for inventing the Flying-V formation as seen in The Mighty Ducks movies, and is a big believer of the back-check.