Isles GM Steve Reisman, in a late Sunday interview, expressed great pride in being named as the inaugural Dipshit of the Week.  "There will always be dipshits in this league," Steve said, "but there will only be one First Dipshit."  He paused for a moment of reflection, then continued, "I will always remember this day...  Especially when you consider Blackhawks GM Adam Lance's high Dipshit standards coupled with the dozens of potential candidates in the league, this has to rank as a rare honor that I will never forget.  Where's my champagne?" 

The full transcript of the interview follows:
Q. How can you be so proud of such a dubious designation?
A. Well my son, in the same way that SIM is different from real sports, real life is a lot different from school.  In school, you learn your lessons and then you take the tests.  In real life, you take the tests and learn the lessons afterwards, often from the tests themselves.  In SIM, you rely on the benevolence of a higher digital order.  In SIM years to come, GM's throughout the SIM World will look back and always revere the original Dipshit of the Week.

Q. Do you need your driveway plowed?
A. I have a reliable plow guy.  If he ever fails to perform his duties, and if GM Adam ever runs out of snow in Canada, he'll be the first call I make.

Q. Is Ilya Kovalchuk really your meal ticket?
A. I'd rather own Ilya than...  say...  Chris Pronger or even Oleg Tverdovsky.  In fact, if I had only known that I was a candidate for Dipshit of the Week, I would have looked more closely at the big picture in the Pronger / Tverdovski deal.  Oh yeah, I forgot that Chicago was in that deal. 

Tampa Bay Lightning trade Chris Pronger to Chicago Blackhawks for Alexei Ponikarovsky, Jamie Lundmark, Oleg Tverdovsky, Benoit Pouliot, EDM 2006 Rnd 3, CHI 2007 Rnd 1. 

Unfortunately, to truly give an intelligent evaluation would require serious hockey knowledge, which, as everyone knows, is something that you can only get by being born a Canadian.  So, even though I am proud of being an urban American, I would surely have never been tabbed for this honor.  Often I have wondered what my life would have been like if I have been born in Canada.  It's sad that I really missed out on growing up with all those beavers and moose. 

Q. How do you feel about your 110 goals against.
A. I lost count around 75.  Maybe that's my problem.  At my age, I lose track very easily.

Q. Don't you ever have anything serious to say?
A. See me after Game 697.