The New York Islanders are pleased to announce the hiring of their new Assistant General Manager, Jeff McRae. Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and beer to the Islanders organization.  One condition of the hiring was that Isles GM Steve Reisman tone down his anti-Canadian rhetoric.  As a co-founder of the original 30-team full keeper Super League with Trev, Jeff is no stranger to Fantasy Hockey. Working nights, he has been often touted as the "Vancouver Vampire" and will make it possible for the NEFHL Islanders to become a 24 hour organization.

Last season, skating in the Center position on 3 teams, Jeff piled up more than a goal a game and, were it not for a shoulder injury, might have been seen on Hockey Night in Canada.

GM Steve Reisman, in a beer-influenced statement following the signing of the contract, said, "After Drew left the organization to assume the helm of the Kings, the Islanders had a management void. Jeff will fill that void and together, we'll take this team to the cup."

In an aside, Steve was overheard saying something about finally having a Canadian in upper management. "Drew was a tremendous behind the scenes influence in building this team. Jeff has some serious shoes to fill." He added, "I guess I'll have to tone down the anti-Canadian rhetoric but that's a small price to pay for Jeff's services."

In other Islanders news, Coach Craig McTavish split up the ICE line (Ilya-Cheecho-Eric) in an effort to both spread out the scoring and improve the defensive allignments. "These guys can all put the puck in the net. Let's see how the supporting players react." McTavish said he wasn't done shuffling and further line combos would be forthcoming.

Numerous inquiries have been received for Islander players, including Ray Emery, Rick DiPietro, Alexander Steen, Barry Tallackson and Tony Salmelainen. The new management team will be huddling to decide if any player movement makes sense at this time.