The New York Islanders announced late Thursday of Mike Smith (no relation to Neil) who will take over the job of Assistant General Manager effective immediately.  Despite the 42 year age difference in the front office, GM Steve Reisman said "Mike proved himself to be extremely knowledgeable and suitably immature during the interview process.  We look forward to working together to fulfill the dream of bringing an NEFHL Stanley Cup to Long Island before I move to an assisted-living facility."  The deciding factor in the decision came when Mike informed Steve that he does not drink.  GM Steve was seen laughing and counting all the bottles that he would not have to share. 

Also, in yet another example of "Small World Syndrome", it turns out that Mike lives within a mile of Steve's place in Plainview, NY.  "Unfortunately," GM Steve said, "Mike will have to wait a couple of years to buy the beer around here.  And to make matters worse, he'll probably have his own team by then."