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Sparks between COLORADO and NY RANGERS

According to the New York POST, there has been a controversy between Colorado Gm dave and NY Rangers Gm tetreault about an incident happening few days ago, one day before the deadline for UFA offer sheet. Supposively An intense argument about the last trade did sparks a villain argument concerning victo Kozlov. The nature of the argument about victor is still unclear but from a source we think they might have been another trade promises that Gm dave thought it was a done deal however Gm tetreault never said his approval.
From that point, Gm dave lost his temper in the Gm tetreault's office and through the UFA files on the floor and on his way out he punched Mr. Alexander Ovechkin in the face who was standing near the door for a meeting with Gm tetreault. Further investigation will be made by the FBI on this matter.

WE JUST RECEIVED A LAST MINUTE REPORT from this incident. According to source , the FBI has a tape showing Gm DAVE entering GM tetreault's office during the night and it appears that a UFA file was taken , opened up and it appears that DAVE was falsying UFA do*****ents just before Gm Tetreault's secretary could take it and send it to league officials. From a sure source it seems salaries offers were changed. We will keep up posted on further information.

Mr . Ovechkin has agreed to meet the press about the incident.